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Q. Are any of the CCRS members paid?
A. No they are all volunteers.
Q. Does CCRS charge for service?
A. County government requires us to charge.
Q. Who to call for a billing question or insurance question?
A. Call Campbell County Public Safety in Rustburg, VA.
Q. What does the County government furnish CCRS?
A. Campbell County furnishes fuel, insurance and $35,000 a year.
Q. What are the basic requirements to be a volunteer?
A. Your time, EMT, CPR and EVOC. See how to become a member on web site.
Q. How much time?
A. Duty 25 hours a month, one business meeting a month and one training day a month.
    Any extra you like, we need you!
Q. Do we have drivers only?
A. No.
Q. Does CCRS respond into Bedford County?
A. Yes, mainly the Forest area.
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