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All CCRS medic units are equipped to provide patient care at the Paramedic level, as regulated by the VA Office of EMS. Our medic units are regularly staffed at the VA EMT-Basic certification level as a minimum. Otherwise, the units are staffed with Advanced Life Support (ALS) providers whenever possible. 

Our units are equipped with many basic necessities to include on-board oxygen, on-board suction, basic first aid supplies and bandages, and other items needed to handle various medical and trauma emergencies. We also carry many pieces of equipment, necessary to administer Advanced Life Support care. 

The equipment that is carried on every medic unit consists of the following: 

  • Long Spine Board with Head Immobilizers 

  • Cervical Collars 

  • Kendrick Extrication Devices (KED) 

  • Scoop Stretchers 

  • Stair Chairs 

  • Traction Splints 

  • Portable Suction Units 

  • Portable Oxygen Tanks 

  • Glucometers 

  • Pulse Oximetry Monitors 

  • Various tools and rescue equipment 


2015 Chevy Tahoe

This vehicle is BLS equipped and is used primarily as a first response vehicle. It is equipped to respond in the case of a delayed response from a medic unit. It is also utilized by our ALS providers, responding to requests for ALS assistance/intercepts. 

CCRS is designated as Squad 2 by Campbell County Communications and as Squad 5 by Bedford County Communications. It is important to mention that our apparatus have 2 different radio designations based on the county within which the unit is responding. EMS 2 remains the same in Campbell County, whereas, it is referred to as EMS 5 by Bedford County.

All of our medic units are equipped with Stryker Pro stretchers for patient transportation. Every unit is equipped with a Zoll Cardiac Monitor/Defibrillator. These devices are useful in the care and treatment of patients suffering from a cardiac emergency, such as an Acute Coronary Syndrome or a Cardiac Arrest. All of our monitors are manufactured by Zoll. All of our "front line" or "first due" apparatus carry either the Zoll M Series or Zoll E Series with "12-Lead EKG" capability. CCRS recently phased out the use of the Zoll 1600 Series monitors, and 2 of these models are kept for reserve use, however, all apparatus now carry a minimum of a Zoll M Series monitor. This success is thanks to support from Centra Health, The Stroobants Foundation, and The BREMS Regional Council. All CCRS units now carry the ability to transmit, via radio, a prehospital 12-Lead ECG. This is accomplished via the Rosetta device from General Devices, which is now standard equipment on all CCRS medic units. 


All of our medic units are rotated throughout our three (3) stations serving Campbell and Bedford Counties. Our department headquarters, Station 1, is located at 155 Rainbow Forest Drive, in close proximity to Timberlake Road (460 Business) and US Route 460 in Campbell County. Any of our medic units may be located in any station and may respond as needed to any part of our primary response area as needed or deemed necessary.


Interior pictures of patient care compartment can be found in the Picture Gallery in the Misc Apparatus category. 

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